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Cap. max : 200

Team spirit

3h, 4h, Full day

Off-beat trips with our Parisian drivers - fun, charming and multi-lingual

For a real guided visit, our Parisian drivers come and pick up your group from wherever they are in the city. Personable, fun and professional, the multi-lingual drivers (English, French, Italian*, Spanish* and German*) know how to receive your guests and surprise them with an off-beat experience the Parisian way. Each driver will take great pleasure in revealing ‘his Paris’, the places which he knows and loves, for an unforgettable interlude.

Which itinerary will you choose? Perhaps the great traditional sights if it’s your first time in Paris, perhaps something unusual if you want to surprise your guests who think they know the city ... or why not a bespoke trip especially designed according to your wishes? Flexible to your needs, in a 2CV anything is possible!

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* RATE FROM : 50 people minimum

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