This Marketplace is published by Your Event Manager, a limited company with capital of €18 000 registered in the REIMS trade and companies register under number 829 222 231, with its registered office at 29 rue Ceres 51100 Reims France.

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Tel : +33 3 26 08 64 69



This B2B Marketplace,, offer a service through which users of the site called “Mice Buyers”) can search for and book meeting and events space and services directly with the operators of that space or services called “Mice Sellers” (hotels, conference rooms, event spaces, restaurants, catering services, activities, animations, Audio and video equipment and vehicle with driver.)

This business connection solution is  for MICE Buyers and MICE Sellers registered on the marketplace and passing through their request for quotations.

The Website connects registered Mice Buyers  and Mice Sellers that post  request for proposals and send Bids through it.The Website offers Mice Buyers the opportunity to get the best value for money  for Mice service, while allowing MiceSuppliers to get fair compensation for their services. The Website also proposes to facilitate the optimization of workload management schedules for registered Mice suppliers due to the influx of new sources of clients.

This Marketplace is equipped with adaptable technology allowing Mice Buyers and Mice Sellers to conclude Booking contracts online. is neither the owner of the premises and services, not a travel provider, not an event agency;  does not have the quality of supplier either. is independent, it does not belong to any logistic operator or group of MICE Suppliers.

Modification of Terms and Conditions reserves the right, at any time, to modify the current Terms and Conditions and Website functionalities, or to discontinue Services temporarily or permanently. The change will take immediate effect after publishing the updated Terms and Conditions online, that any User acknowledges having previously consulted.

Article 2: Definitions of used terms

The definitions and rules of interpretation set out in this section apply to these Terms of Use.
"MICE": "Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions" is a type of project in which large groups organize events for their employees and / or their clients such as "meetings, conventions, seminars, teambuildings, conventions and progarmmes of gratification or motivation "."TEAMBUILDING": refers to events or activities of cohesion or activity animation offered by suppliers MICE THIRD PARTY
"INCENTIVE": refers to bonus or incentive programs offered by MICE suppliers
"RP HOSPITALITY": refers to public relations and customer loyalty operations offered by MICE suppliers
"User": the users registered on the Site, indiscriminately MICE Buyerss or MICE Sellers. Users are the only decision makers of the realization of a Reservation on the Site.
"Buyer, MICE Booker": a natural or legal person registered (MICE Buyers or final customer) on the Site in order to reserve a service of MICE Services
"Seller, MICE Seller": Seller (or MICE Provider) of Services on the Site.
"ACCOUNT": refers to the space allocated to each USER of the SITE when registering. This personal space is accessible by entering the IDENTIFIERS of the USER.
"Account": the interfaces of the Users of the Site. There are 2 types of Accounts: the Buyer Account and the Seller Account.
"Service": means all services offered by MICE Sellers on the platform of to USERS through the SITE.
"GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE (or TOS)": means the present contractual conditions made available on the SITE to frame the use of the SITE by any USER.
"SPECIAL CONDITIONS / GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICE (or CP / CGS)" means the contractual terms and conditions governing the provision of SERVICES by to MICE Providers.
"USER DATA": means billing data or other information that has been entered by the USER or, on behalf of the USER, for the purpose of using the SERVICES.
"Quotation": refers to the quote sent to the attention of a MICE Buyer by a SERVICE PROVIDER. The QUOTATION includes the essential elements of the requested SERVICE and the price of each SERVICE, as well as, if necessary, the description and the price of the ASSOCIATED SERVICES ordered in addition by the MICE Buyer.
"PRODUCT SHEET": refers to the page specific to each SERVICE PROVIDER BENEFIT, dedicated to the presentation of services offered to USERS. Thus, a SERVICE PROVIDER can have several SHEETS
"IDENTIFIERS": refers to the USER DATA entered when creating an ACCOUNT, to validate the REGISTRATION of a USER.
"" means YourEventManager simplified joint-stock company with a capital of € 18,000, registered under number 829 222 231 RCS REIMS, whose registered office is at 29 rue Ceres 51100 Reims
"LOCATION": means, without limitation, the room, the restaurant, the hotel or the space temporarily rented by the SERVICE PROVIDER to a MICE Buyer
"MICE Buyer, MICE Booker": means any professional, natural or legal person who wishes to book a MICE service, through the SITE as part of the organization of a professional event.
"PARTIES" means together the USER on the one hand and on the other hand.
"SERVICE PROVIDER": refers to any professional, natural or legal person, including the owner and / or operator of a PLACE, referenced on the SITE, in order to offer his SERVICES to the MICE Buyers.
"MICE Providers, MICE Sellers" means any professional who offers ACTIVITIES to MICE Buyers.
"SERVICE": refers to any service offered by a SERVICE PROVIDER referenced on the SITE, including the quote request of a PLACE and other services.
"ASSOCIATED SERVICES": refers to hospitality and hospitality services, free or paid, which may be offered by a SERVICE PROVIDER to an ORGANIZER in addition to the main BENEFIT.
"RESERVATION": refers to the reservation of a BENEFIT of a SERVICE PROVIDER performed by an ORGANIZER via the SITE, after accepting a QUOTE.
"SERVICE" means the set of services offered by to USERS through the SITE.
"SITE" means the website, created and published by The SITE includes all the web pages, SERVICES and features offered to USERS.
"Your Event Manager SAS": the company publishing the services present on the site
"Site or": the site and its services.
"Service": any service rendered through the Site to a Use

Article 3. Role of Your Event Manager

The SITE offers an professional online intermediate service whereby MICE Sellers can offer their SERVICES to MICE Buyers.
It is specified that acts only as the online platform operator for MICE services.
All the indications with respect to their presentation and to the proposed services are established by the MICE Sellers, without intervention of can not therefore be responsible for the pre-contractual information provided by the MICE Sellers. is only hosting this information for which it does not have the quality of publisher and is not responsible for this contents. does not interfere with the contracts between the MICE Sellers and the MICE Buyers and / or third parties, and therefore can not be considered a party to this contract. is not an event agency.
Furthermore, it is specified that the Terms and Conditions do not in any way give the USERS the status of employee, agent, agent or representative of

Article 4. Contact information of the Website hosting

OVH whose head office is located at 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix - email: - Telephone +33 972 10 10 07

Article 5. Conditions of Users' registration

5-1 Registration Conditions
Registration on the Website is completely free of charge for both MICE Buyers and MICE Sellers. Upon registration confirmation, the User is registered on the Website. However, there are certain conditions in order to register :
Only adults can register on the Website. All registration applications must be made on forms provided for this purpose. The User agrees to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about their identity, the company's identity, and any other information requested on the different forms.

The transmission of these documents is done either on the Site. No Seller registration will be validated if the requested documents are not submitted. All validation of registration is at the discretion of who reserves the right to accept or refuse it. The User is not allowed to create or use other Accounts than the one initially created, whether under his own identity or that of third parties, it is strictly forbidden for MICE Sellers to use multiple Accounts for use. Any derogation of this rule must be the subject of an explicit request from the User and an express and specific authorization from The creation or use of new Accounts under its own identity or that of third parties without having requested and obtained the authorization of, may result in the immediate suspension of the User's Accounts and all associated services.

The registration on the website provides irrevocable data by the User to for exploitation of information transmitted through the Site. If the User acts and uses the Site on behalf of or in the name of a legal entity, the User declares that he is duly authorized to bind this legal person to these General Terms and Conditions. He is deemed to bind the legal person he represents. The User is responsible for the protection of his password and undertakes not to reveal it to third parties. He is responsible for any activity or action on his Account, whether or not he has authorized such activities or actions. He must immediately report to any unauthorized use of his Account. Express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Registration method

The registrations on the Site are made by informing the email of the interested party who chooses his password. This information must be confirmed for registration. By creating his Account and ticking the box "I accept the General Conditions of Use" of the Site and the proposed Service, the interested party undertakes to respect these General Conditions and gives his consent of use to with respect to his personal data under the conditions described in Article 8 below. Consequently, if the interested party does not accept any of the conditions appearing in these General Conditions, he must not check the box of acceptance of the General Conditions. The full and unreserved acceptance of the Conditions of Use constitutes one of the conditions of's service offer.

5-2 Terms of Use
The Website is a marketplace platform. Your Event Manager SAS interfere, at any time, with the reservations made, the destinations, the schedules and any other parameters. Any performed Service must first be subject to a Request for Quotation on the Site. However, it is reminded that is a third party to the relationship between the Users of the Site, and can not have any obligation in respect of the execution by them of their respective obligations under the Reservations.

5-2-1 General
By using the services offered by the Site, Users must understand and comply with these conditions:
Quotation Request must be issued with accurate and complete information and may be modified or supplemented at any time:
The User is solely responsible for the use of all the available services through the Site, and more generally any use made from his Account. The User is the sole judge of the completeness and usefulness for him (or her) of the consulted contents.
The user therefore undertakes to use the services of the Site carefully and to bear the risks arising therefrom. The User agrees to comply with implementation, in any case, by under the law in force.
MICE Sellers commit to update their data via their respective Profiles. They guarantee that all their services comply with the regulations in force.
Such registration does not constitute an endorsement, certification or guarantee by in relation to Seller, including its reliability. On the other hand, this information is useful when a Buyer makes his own decisions when he wishes to book through the Site.

On the other hand, the Users admit that they are strictly forbidden to:
mislead other Users by usurping the name or the registered company name of the Site or of the third party without their consent. They do not have the right to collect personal data fraudulently nor use the Site as vehicle of advertising not solicited (spam, junk mail);
try to poll, to scan or to test the vulnerability of any system or network of or to evade any safety measures or measures of authentication; use, show, copy or reproduce the Site or any individual element of the Site, the name of, everything (e) mark, logo or other exclusive information of, or layout and concept of everything (e) page or form (e) on a page of the Site without the written consent of;
recover systematically data or other contents to the Site to create directly or indirectly, in the only one either several downloadings, a collection, a compilation, a database, a directory or other similar regrouping, manually, with the aid of robots or in another way;
use software, apparatus, scripts or other means or techniques manual or automated to achieve, to "withdraw ", to "go through " or to "sweep " any Web page or other services, contained on the Site; copy, stock or achieve in quite another way information expressed on the Site, for aims not allowed hereby;
undermine or harm the Site, including notably by using viruses, robots of cancellation, horses of Troy, malevolent codes, attacks by requests Ping, attacks by denial of service, usurpations of address IP or of packets, falsified routings or information of electronic address or methods or similar technologies; invite an User to use services or the third party  Websites of, without the prior agreement in written of;

post, upload, publish, submit or transmit any Content that: (i) infringes, misuses or violates any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral right or other proprietary right intellectual property, the right to the image or privacy of a third party; (ii) violates or encourages any conduct that would violate any applicable law or regulation or result in civil liability; (iii) is fraudulent, false or misleading;
(iv) is defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive; (v) incites discrimination, fanaticism, racism, hatred, harassment or abuse against an individual or group; (vi) is violent or threatening or promotes violence or threatening acts against any other person; (vii) promotes the activities or use of illegal or dangerous substances; bypass the Site. In order to ensure the security and the good progress of the transactions, it is STRICTLY forbidden to the Users to exchange before Reservation, information which would allow in one way or another a contact and a direct communication such as an address email, a company name, a telephone number, a mobile phone and fax, a website, or any other information likely to allow direct contact.
The User shall be responsible, with respect to and the third parties, for any damages, direct or indirect, of any nature whatsoever, caused by content or any other element communicated, transmitted or diffused by the user. 'User on the Site or through the services he offers, as well as any breach of this contract. Accordingly, the User agrees to guarantee and its leaders, against any recourse and any conviction on this account.
Any infringement found will be investigated. The Site reserves the right to temporarily suspend a User's account and / or delete it permanently without notice, and deny access to all or part of the Service. has the right to investigate and prosecute any breach of the above conditions, to the extent permitted by law.

Article 6. How to Use the Services

6-1 Services for MICE Buyers
6-1-1 Consultation on informations
Once logged in his ACCOUNT, the MICE Buyer has the possibility to consult the information relating to each SERVICE, via each PRODUCT.
As part of a request for a quote of services, the MICE Buyer can carry out its research according to various criteria, such as The Place, The type of service, The capacity, The type of PLACE, The services, The atmosphere, The marks , The Labels, The equipememts of the rooms, The themes, The animations and The cuisine.
The ORGANIZER also has the possibility to consult the PRODUCT SHEET by directly indicating the name of the MICE Seller.

6-1-2 Requests for quotation
The organizer can request a QUOTE to the MICE Seller for each of the Service offered on the SITE.
In order to obtain a QUOTE for a RESERVATION of a LOCATION and other MICE services, the ORGANIZER informs on the SITE at least the information relating to the location of the service, the configuration of the room and the format of the event for places and hotels (Half Day Seminar, Full Day Seminar, Twin Residential Seminar, Single Residential Seminar, Room Rental (s) only, Twin Group Lodging, Single Group Lodging), Gala Dinner, Cocktail Party, Networking Breakfast, Business or Team Lunch and Business or Team Dinner and the number of participants.

If necessary, suggests to the MICE Buyer to specify his/her requirements.

According to the indicated criteria, MICE Buyer has the possibility to ask several QUOTES at the same time to different MICE Sellers.
When the MICE Buyer agrees to be geolocated, services close to him/her may be offered.
On the basis of the information provided by the MICE Buyer, the MICE Seller(s) offers him / her one or more QUOTES via the SITE.
When the QUOTE is available on his ACCOUNT, the ORGANIZER will be notified by email and will be able to communicate directly with the MICE Seller via online messaging.
After comparing the different QUOTES of the MICE Sellers, Mice Buyer will be able to validate its quote on the SITE.

6-1-3 Reservation of services
The QUOTE accepted by the MICE Buyer can be considered as agreement of the MICE Buyer and the MICE Seller and if necessary is applicable to indicate the date, Price and conditions in the QUOTE. It constitutes a firm and definitive contract between the MICE Buyer and the MICE Seller.
Before signing the QUOTE, the ORGANIZER will have access to the General Conditions or the General Conditions of Services of the MICE Seller.

6-1-4 Reservation of additional services 
As part of the organization of its event, the MICE Buyer has the possibility to book the Services as well with the MICE Seller.

6-2 Services offered to MICE Sellers
The relations and arrangements relating to the registration and the SERVICES offered to the MICE Sellers are governed by the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE. This contract will be sent by to the MICE Seller as soon as his / her details are communicated on the dedicated page accessible at the following URL:

Article 7. Conditions of application

In case of contradictions in the terms of the quotation or order form signed by the MICE Booker and those of the present general conditions of use, the provisions of the quotation or order form shall prevail.
In case of specific contractual provisions different from the present general conditions of use, the special conditions will prevail.

Article 8   Terms of evolution

YourEventManager reserves the right to modify the articles of the general conditions of use at any time.
Any new version comes into force on the day following its publication on website and will be applicable to any new proposal or any amendment of contract issued after the date of publication.

Article 9. PAIEMENT

9.1 MICE Bookers
Payment will be made by credit card, bank transfer or check (only in France in case of check).
The payment of 40% of the total amount, is made at the time of booking. The receipt of payment will confirm the order.
For payments less than 35 days before the date of service or product delivery, the full amount will be charged regardless of the payment method. The 60% balance of the total amount is made 35 days before the start of the service or product delivery.
Failure of MICE Booker to pay the balance within the time limit, may result in the cancellation of the order. MICE Booker shall be liable to pay cancellation fees.

9.2 MICE Sellers
A 10 to 15% commission of the total price (excluding tax) will be paid to YourEventManager at the booking confirmation
Users are prohibited to defraud the YourEventManager commission.

ARTICLE 10  Cancellation

The cancellation generates cancellation fees at expense of MICE Booker and the fees vary depending on the date of cancellation and the type of services. The rules concerning the cancellations deadline differ according to the Mice Sellers, these will be specified at the time of booking. Any request for cancellation of order must be made in written to YourEventManager at CONTACT
MICE Booker will receive by return, by e-mail, for acceptance of the cancellation request and the relavant fees.

After acceptance of the cancellation and the payment of the relevant fees MICE Booker will receive by e-mail a confirmation of cancellation. In the absence of  e-mail confirmation sent by YourEventManager, the cancellation has not been taken into account. MICE Booker shall make sure in all cases whether to receive the e-mail confirmation.

Article 11. Privacy and cookies

Shared Data on the MICE Buyer: The MICE Sellers receive all data related to the Posted Services and reservations.
Data Collected on the MICE Seller:
ID and contact information such as name, password, phone, website, email and all messages. Dates and times of access to Offers from MICE Sellers, Services and Notifications settings and reviews / reviews of bookings.

Shared Data on the MICE Seller: All data related to the MICE Seller's contact details, companies, and billing data are shared with the MICE Buyer. Data from MICE Sellers and MICE Buyers shared with external partners:

Email and SMS: email and name. CRM: shares all the data. Analytics: In view of its developments, uses statistical analysis solutions such as Hotjar, Google Analytics and Search Console that can collect data that Users share using the Site. Support platform: email and name. Social Networks: Posted Services may be shared with the consent of the User.

Users of the Site are informed that their IP addresses are likely to be communicated to the police authorities, the independent administrative authorities or the jurisdictional authorities within the powers conferred on them by the legislation.
It is also noted that does not rent or sell any personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without the consent of the user.
For the better functioning and the efficiency of its services, and particularly in order to allow the User not to need to identify at each access to the services, except the first access, uses cookies.

Article 12. Intellectual property rights

The "" Website is the intellectual property of its publisher and is also a trademark of YEM. The information contained on the Site can only be reproduced by its Users for personal purposes. Any reproduction or total or partial representation, by any process whatsoever, of the Site, logos, images, etc., is prohibited without the permission of the publisher of this Site.
Users of the Site shall not reproduce, copy, sell or resell, or exploit for any commercial purpose, all or part of the Service, any use of the Service or any right of access to the Service unless authorized by the publisher. The non-respect of these prohibitions constitutes an act of forgery engaging its civil and penal liability.

Article 13. Exclusion of liabilities (Technic, Civil, Services and Contents)
13-1 Exclusion of technical liabilities
The Site will not be liable in case it could no longer for any reason be online, or would be slowed down due to a server problem, maintenance, hardware or software upgrade, emergency repair , hacking or any circumstances beyond his control.
The service provided by the publisher is an exclusively technical service for connecting users. There might be errors and users recognize and accept it. can not be held responsible for any material or immaterial damage, direct or indirect, in particular the commercial or financial loss or the damage of exploitation. does not exercise any control of any nature whatsoever on the nature or the characteristics of the data which could pass through the host, thus assumes no responsibility in this respect. therefore excludes all liability for the data produced and consulted by the Users on the Site, and for any damage or prejudice that may be caused by their use. Likewise, it is up to the User to take all necessary measures to protect his data and software against intrusions, computer viruses or possible circumvention by third parties, using or from the services of . disclaims all liabilities for the compatibility, reliability, and operation of any software other than those developed by itself.

13-2 Exclusion of liabilities of services and contents
The responsibility on the information published on the Site belongs to their authors who are the users of the Site, MICE Buyers or MICE Sellers. The Site can not guarantee that Offers will be sent in response to the Services. The Site does not guarantee the availability of the offers which MICE Sellers make: when Offers are made to it, the Buyer must choose one and reserve it as soon as possible.
The Site can in no way be held responsible for the transaction, or the implemented services and the security of the MICE Services. disclaims all liabilities for the information transmitted by its Users. They are solely responsible for the information on the Site.
The reservation resulting exclusively from the agreement between the Seller and the Buyer, the Users of the Service act under their sole and entire responsibility. As such, YourEvnetManager shall not bear responsibility on the actual conduct of the Service defined by the Buyer and the Seller on any basis whatsoever, the service offered on the platform of being an intermediation service.
The responsibility of can not be engaged in particular because of a disaster which would occur from reasons such as the communication by the Buyer of erroneous information concerning his Service and its details; the cancellation of the Service by the Seller or the Buyer; the fraudulent behavior or fault of the Seller or the Buyer during, before, or after the Service.

In particular, no liability can be accepted with respect to in case of fraudulent use of payment instruments by the Buyer. In this case, no guarantee of payment from the Seller will be provided by is not responsible for the contents entered on the Site by Users. This is particularly the case for MICE Seller Profiles and Offers, and the Services posted by MICE Sellers. However, as soon as it is reported to that content would infringe the rights of third parties, will do its utmost to remove the content in question from the Site without delay.
The hypertext links that may be set up within the framework of this Site towards other sites, or present resources on the Internet, can not engage the responsibility of the publisher of the Site, in particular because of the proposed services or information by these sites. Any hypertext link to another page than the home page of the Site is subject to the prior written permission of

Article 14. Force majeur
Is a force majeure or fortuitous case, any external, unforeseeable and irresistible event within the meaning of article 1148 of the Civil Code, independent from the will of the Company and impeding the realization of services sold, including acts of public authorities, hostilities, wars, riots, acts of the prince, natural disasters, fires, floods, exceptional bad weather, total or partial strikes impeding the proper functioning of the Company or of one of its suppliers, subcontractors or carriers as well as the damage, failures or delays of one or several providers, blocking telecommunications, blocking Internet, failure of hardware broadcasting service, interruption of transport, energy supply, raw materials, etc..
The PARTIES will not be deemed to have breached their obligations if they are prevented from performing all or part of them as a result of force majeure, provided that the failing PARTY informs the other PARTY, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within five (5) calendar days of the occurrence of the event and justifies the force majeure  circumstances, including in particular in the event of an attack by computer hackers, unavailability of materials, supplies, spare parts, personal equipment or other; and interruption, suspension, reduction or disruption of electricity or other interruptions or interruptions of electronic communications networks.
The failing PARTY will make best efforts to limit the effects of the case of force majeure, and find any suitable solution to resume the performance of its obligations as soon as possible.
If the performance of one or more of the obligations of either PARTY is postponed due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure, the execution of the obligations will be suspended until the disappearance of said event.

Article 15. Competent Court / Applicable Law
In the event of any disputes arising in connection with the sales made by the Company and to the application or interpretation of these general conditions of sale, and failing amicable settlement, the matter should be referred to the sole Commercial Court of Paris which shall have jurisdiction. Only French law is applicable.

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