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Stimulate your teams with a luxury shopping trip to Dubai.

Essential destination for your incentive trips to the Arab Emirates, Dubai has become in a few years the city of all madness.

Discover an immeasurable architecture with the tallest skyscraper in the world - the Burj Khalifa, home to Armani's first luxury hotel, futuristic desert buildings, artificial islands and mega-shopping complexes dedicated to the world of luxury. . Conferences, symposia, exhibitions are increasing every year in Dubai.

Enjoy a weekend of state-of-the-art facilities: luxury palaces, spa, indoor skiing, golf or motor racing. Enjoy the hospitality of the Arab world with a tailor-made service and a warm welcome on this trip that will leave plenty of room for shopping.

Formerly populated by Bedouins, the Emirate of Dubai today plays the card of the excessiveness and the very high-end practiced in art of living, with many possibilities of leisures and international rendez-vous unavoidable.


Day 1
Flight Paris - Dubai and transfert to hotel

Day 2
Morning relaxation - Spa, massage, fitness
Lunch at hotel
City tour
Discovery of the festive life

Day 3
Shopping or golf course
Flight Dubai - Paris

Incentive trip Dubai


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