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Unite your teams at the heart of a biblical city

Take your collaborators on the tracks of Indiana Jones to a seminar in Jordan, and enjoy a colorful natural setting : from the desert to the coral reef, ocher azure blue tones blend to create an atmosphere conducive to cohesion.

Opting for Jordan to organize your next seminar is choosing a privileged environment with extraordinary landscapes : from the mountains and green valleys of Aqaba's Gulf, to Wadi Rum's Desert and Dana's Nature Reserve, your stimulating journey will take the path to creativity.

It is taking advantage of the new innovative infrastructures and lodging in starred accommodations or unusual places. Jordan also offers a cooking taking source in Lebanon, and mixing mediterranean and oriental flavors : a true delight for your senses !

When you gather your teams on a seminar to Jordan, your enjoy an ideal destination for all sorts of exclusive activities : visits of archeological sites, swimming in the Dead Sea, the most salted sea in the world, encounters of Bedouin tribes, trekking in the Desert, diving in Aqaba's Reef and horse riding will fulfill all the desires and expectations of your collaborators.


Destination : Jordan

Lodging : large choice of 3* to 5* hotels

Temperatures May – October : 20°C mini, 25°C maxi

Temperatures November – April : 9°C mini, 16°C maxi

Currency : Jordanian Dinar

Health : No vaccine is required, but it is recommended for your vaccination record to be up-to-date


Day 1

Flight to Jordan

Check-in and Lunch at the hotel

Work Meeting

Traditional Dinner

Day 2


Work Meeting

Lunch at the hotel

Horse Riding

Dinner in a Bedouin Tent

Night in a bivouac

Day 3

Breakfast at the camp

Swimming in the Dead Sea


Work Meeting

Gala Dinner in a villa


Day 4


Flight back

Seminar in Jordan


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* RATE FROM : 50 people minimum

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