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A team activity, original, unique and enjoyable that will make a playful and pleasant sensory experience for the participants !

Principle: The program is a "trendy" walk from workshop to workshop to the re-discovery of our 5 senses: discovery and identification of original scents, aromas, materials, listening to unexpected sounds and trap of the visual illusions. All the senses will be awake.

Highlights of the program:

  • - Welcome. Briefing. Start Up Game.
  • - Visual Workshop : resolution of projected video riddles.
  • - Auditory Workshop : quick recognition of a wide variety of sounds.
  • - Taste Workshop : recognition of unexpected flavors (syrups, macaroons or chocolates), unusual riddles on taste and new trends.
  • - Olfactory Workshop : identification of scents (spices and aromas).
  • - Kinesthetic workshop : recognition of materials and resolution of a rebus thanks to three mystery boxes, recognition of ingredients or fruits from here and elsewhere.
  • - Creative restitution around the 6th sense.
  • - End of the program : presentation of team masterpieces and photos.

5 Senses Team Challenge


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* RATE FROM : 50 people minimum

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