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Cap. max : 100

Team spirit

2h, 3h, 4h, Full day

Stimulate your teams with adrenaline

The concept

Share with your employees a unique experience.
Aboard a real racing Trimaran, integrate the crew and maneuver an extremely fast machine, capable of offering unique sensations of speed, glide, acceleration ... Immerse your collaborators in the world of these sailors who travel the oceans alone, share with them the story of their daily life and their most beautiful adventures ... Taste the joys of acrobatics on a hull, vibrate to the rhythm of the power of this Formula 1 seas.

Sample program

08:30 am: coffee reception

09:30 am: Briefing Discovery of the boat

10:00 am: Departure at sea navigation and learning

12:30 pm: Lunch

14:00 pm: continued navigation participation in maneuvers

18:00 pm: end of day cocktail graduation

Trimaran Experience


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* RATE FROM: 50 people minimum

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